What we do

What we do

Your Work Injury Lawyers

My Work Injury Lawyer assists injured workers to recover compensation for all workplace injuries, including back and neck injuries, amputations, fractures, tears, strains and sprains and psychological injury.

Having a broad range of experience as workplace injury lawyers allows us to better understand how your work injury happened and how to recover compensation for you. We look after the rights of those injured as an employee, subcontractor, as a result of a negligent employer, on a construction site, as a result of using faulty machinery, in an unsafe workplace, through a labour hire arrangement or travelling to or from work.

Workplace Injury Lawyers in Brisbane & Beyond

We look forward to assisting you with your workplace injury related issues in Brisbane or in our centres on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and throughout Queensland. If you need a team that can provide you with the best experience and help, contact our workplace injury lawyers in Brisbane and beyond.